Topic Ideas for Your Newsletter


Not all businesses are exciting, for everyone.

Most likely, these are exciting industries for those who work at it … but for the majority of us, we use these industries because we have to … not because we are exciting about it.

Some examples…

A garage or an auto repair shop.

A grocery store.

A store that sells print cartridges.

A bank.

An insurance agent.

These are types of businesses who’ll find difficulties creating a newsletter about their niche and engage their visitors.

What is a garage going to talk about in their newsletter?

A great exhaust pipe they just got?

How many people who take their car to a garage are going to be interested in such topic. Very, very few.

Or an insurance agent …

How excited are you about your car insurance policy?

What about your life insurance?

You have it because you feel you need it, but you are not too excited hearing every week about it.

So can these businesses that are in sectors which are not exciting for their customers still create email marketing and a newsletter?


But they need to step two steps back.

They need to think what their customers are interested in. The more related it is to their sector, the better.

For example.

An auto repair shop is about fixing cars. For most people, cars are more exciting than car repair. Some interesting content for a newsletter would be about:

  • Neat accessories for your car.
  • Ways to keep your car clean.
  • Exciting
  • Security measures for your car… for example, how to prepare your car for the winter or for the summer.
  • Some funny stories about cars…

If you are a grocery store … Information about nutrition, fitness.

If you are a bank, information about how to save money in your everyday life…

Etc, etc, etc.

You need to look at the broader picture and see where you fit in

Some examples.

However, you can go a step further.

There are certain topics that are interesting for everyone… or almost everyone.

These are … for example:

Ideas or tips on

  • Interesting things to do with your free time (hobbies, movie reviews, places to go, activities to do
  • How to save money (at home, outside.
  • How to look your best (beauty tips
  • How to feel your best (fitness, motivation, psychology, self esteem, happiness, how to handle tough times)
  • Relationships, parenting
  • How to get the most of a
  • Motivational or Inspirational stories.
  • How to be more productive; get more done with less time.
  • Certain news which are main stream.
  • Fun or bizarre things that are happening in the world.
  • Beautiful scenery, videos, images
  • Interesting facts about other cultures and places.
  • Local news (for localized businesses)
  • Etc, etc…

So if your business is about a topic which is not interesting for most of yuor customers, take a few steps back and think how you can make it interesting for them.

So if you are an insurance agent, and your main customers are residential homes .. think about what topics will interest them the most.

They don’t have to be directly related to insurance.

The main objective of a newsletter is to find an excuse to be in your customer’s inbox, every week.

And your subscribers should open in…. so if you want them to open it and read it, it has to be interesting and relevant for them.

If you can make it somewhat related to your industry, great.

What about the promotion of the business?

You can use a section of the newsletter to mention a special offer you have, put a link to your website or just remind them that you are there for whenever they need insurance … and ask them to reply if they need to.

That’s it. Nothing more.

Picture this…

Every two weeks, you receive a newsletter from your insurance agent.

It gives you some tips on how to feel your best, as well as some inspirational stories.

It also tells you about some event happening on the community.

You read some of the information on the newsletter, and you feel great.

The newsletter is signed by your insurance agent, with a PS that just says:

We’re here for any of your insurance needs. Just hit reply or call me at 555-

What’s going to happen next time this person needs an insurance?

Who’s going to be on top of mind?

Who’s he going to talk to first?

Next comes the creation of this content.

One possibility is for the business to create this content.

This is a bad solution.

A much better solution is to curate (select the best content about this) this content.

That is, find the best content around your topic of interest and share it with your subscribers.

Here’s more information on how to do this.

And here’s NewsletterBreeze, a special software designed for newsletter curation.

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