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Invespromo Consulting
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Our Mission:

NewsletterBreeze’s mission is to bring the power of email marketing to all companies, no matter how small they are.

Doing email marketing right is really challenging. To be effective, newsletters need to engage and connect with subscribers. They need to cut through the noise and clutter in the subscribers’ inbox and be engaging enough so  subscribers keep opening them. This requires that a company has writers who can write outstanding and engaging content.

Smaller companies usually do not have writers nor can afford them. These companies are usually the ones who need email marketing the most, since they need to be really effective with their time and resources. Email marketing has proven to be the most effective and scalable way to bring back customers, engage prospects and turn them into customers.

With NewsletterBreeze, any company can do great email marketing. They can collect the best industry news, select and organize the most engaging ones and share them with their subscribers through a newsletter.

With NewsletterBreeze, any company can do email marketing, effortlessly and with little time investment.


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