Newsletter Creator


It’s 9:00 AM…On a Tuesday.

Your new newsletter was supposed to be ready Monday.

Where is it?

Still working on it?

Didn’t this happen last week as well?

You didn’t even bother sending out a newsletter last week…

You were just too busy

This means that, you better get this one out.


Before your subscribers forget all about you. Start ignoring your emails.

Straight to the Spam Folder you go. All that potential traffic to your site…

Going somewhere else.

Probably to another business that got this whole newsletter creation stuff all figured out.

If only it did not take so long to create great newsworthy content and upload it to a template.

You have a business to run and simply do not have half a day to put aside in order to create a newsletter.

If only there was a way to do it in minutes instead of hours.

A program that would allow to actually enjoy the whole process instead of dreading every moment until the deadline.

If that’s you, what you need is NewsletterBreeze.

Create content in minutes and upload it to your email marketing service with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Instead of you having to create content, NewsletterBreeze brings great content to you.

Upon setup, simply select which websites, Twitter accounts and hashtags you want news from and NewsletterBreeze will start delivering targeted news to your account.

So, next time that deadline arrives, all of the relevant news articles that you need will be waiting for you.

Selecting the best news to share in your newsletter is made easy with NewsletterBreeze because you can check the popularity of each article before you decide to share it. By doing this, you can find out how each news item resonates with your target audience. This allows you to share only the best news with your subscribers.

Once you have all the great news ready to go, you are ready to assemble your newsletter. With Newsletterbreeze, this is as simple as going to your account and clicking the button under each news item you feel like sharing.

And just like that…

It is added to your newsletter.

Ready to go.

This is as close as it gets to your own automated newsletter creator.

And if, you wanted to edit the content…

Add your own personal touches…

NewsletterBreeze allows you to do that as well.

Simply enter your account and edit any part of the newsletter content.

Check out this video below to see how you can create a newsletter in just minutes with a few clicks of your mouse.