How It Works

Adding News:

We do not pre-populate your account with news.  If we did this, you’d spend a lot of time browsing through non-relevant news to select the news you want in your newsletter.

NewsletterBreeze is built around the idea that you know the type of content your subscribers are most interested in, as well as which websites publish it.

At NewsletterBreeze, you configure the news sources. By doing so, you ensure that your account will only have relevant and quality news.


This requires an initial configuration. It’s really easy. After this, your account will do most of the work for you by automatically updating the sources.

You can add sources that…
•    Have RSS
•    Do not have RSS
•    Bring only keyword specific news or from a category or tag.

You have full control over everything.

Even if you configure different sources, every now and then, you’ll come across news you’ll want to add to your account.  To add them, just click a button on your browser and they will be added.


add to

You can also add videos.

We help you through the entire process

Curating News …

Once the news articles are in your account, you’ll see how many times each one has been shared on social media. This’ll give you an idea of its popularity, which will help you select the best.

shares social media

Do you want to make a newsletter topic specific?  Just type a keyword in the search bar of your account and you’ll see all keyword specific news, ordered by the amount of social shares.




Add news to your Newsletter

When you create a newsletter, you’ll be asked to choose the email marketing service you work with. We are currently integrated with:  Mailchimp, ConstantContact, GetResponse, etc.

Email Service Provider

Select which list you want to send your newsletter to.

Then, create your newsletter.

To select news to add to your next newsletter, click the button under each news article you want to add.


You can fully personalize the newsletter template…


  • Change any title, texts.
  • Add sections, texts.
  • Add images, videos, ads.
  • Personalize the header and footer.
  • Move the content around, drag and drop
  • Change the design.
  • Add a survey so you understand what people think about your newsletter.


Decide when to send it.  You can send it right after you’ve finished it or you can schedule it.  It will be sent through your email service provider and appear in your email service account, just like any other campaign you send.

With NewsletterBreeze, you continue working with your email marketing service.

Nothing changes.

You maintain your lists, your autoresponders and everything else. You can use your NewsletterBreeze account to engage with your subscribers while you do not send them anything. This way, they will not forget about you and you will keep them fully engaged for as long as you want.  You can send them any offer you have at any time.

 Collect emails of people interested in your topic.


collect emails


We provide you with a landing page to collect emails.  These emails will be added to your email list at your chosen email service provider.

At any time, you can change your account’s subdomain to your own domain or subdomain.

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