Best Email Tactics

This infographic summarizes the results of an in depth study about the email marketing best practices of 15 smart marketers.

I looked at 15 marketers that are really good at email marketing and who were already in my inbox.

I was really interested to understand …

  • When do they send their emails?
  • How often they send them?
  • What do they write/share in their newsletters?
  • What type of language they use?
  • How do they provide value to their subscribers?
  • How do they connect with them?

I analyzed the last 30 emails I received from each one of them.

Next I visited their websites and analyzed the subscription forms and lead magnets they use.

At last I looked on the internet for research to back up or contradict the different hypothesis I was making.

With all this information, I did …

A quantitative analysis of the data. Most of the results from this quantitative research are included in this infographic.

A qualitative analysis where I got specific examples that clarify how these marketers gain subscribers and convert them into customers.

At last, I added external research to back up all the conclusions.

You can read the full results of this research in this article.

If you want to share this infographic, you’ll find a link to embed it on your website at the bottom.  If you share it, please link to the original article that will provide further information for anyone who wants to dive deeper into these results.


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