Newsletter Builder


If you are looking to assemble a newsletter, you need to know about these three working parts:

  1. The Content: This is the meat of the newsletter. Valuable content is what turns subscribers into customers. Content can either be created or curated. Curated content is when you share relevant articles about your niche written by others.
  1. The Template: This is the skeletal frame which holds your content together. There are several different newsletter templates to choose from. It is important to pick one that best suits your niche.
  1. The Software: You use software to help add your content to the template and to automatically send newly created newsletters to your subscribers. There is also software available to help curate content.

NewsletterBreeze is a newsletter builder service that can help take care of all of these parts for you.

It is a service that searches all of the relevant sites for you, searching for the best articles related to your niche. It then uploads all of the relevant articles to your account and highlights the ones which are most popular and have the most shares in social media.

This makes it very easy to determine which content you want to the newsletter.

After you choose your content, NewsletterBreeze then automatically uploads it to your chosen template. This process helps take a lot of headache out of the newsletter building process. Your newsletter is immediately built as you add your content.

If you are not interested in newsletter builder like NewsletterBreeze but still want a template builder, there are a few options for you…

Most important email marketing services like Mailchimp, GetResponse or ConstantContact have free template builders that you can use if you are a customer.

You can also go here to find out how to create your own template with just a few clicks, drag and drops.

See how NewsletterBreeze helps you create a newsletter in about 2 minutes.