Newsletter Automation


You have been putting it off all week…

Dreading the whole process, like a visit to the dentist or a parent teacher conference.

But, now that moment has arrived.

It’s Sunday night and putting it off until Monday morning is never a good idea. You already have too much to do. You need to buckle down and create some good content for your subscribers.

That newsletter isn’t going to write itself.

Wow, if only that were possible…

If the whole process of creating a newsletter was automated, then it wouldn’t be such a chore.

Well, don’t give up on your dreams just yet.

Not until you hear about the idea of curating content.

Newsletter Content Curation is a process in which great content about your niche is handed to you on a silver platter. It allows you to share with your subscribers highly valuable content that they will want to read.

All that you have to do is pick out the articles.

Your subscribers love it because you are sharing relevant stuff.

You love it, because you no longer are dreading the whole process of creating a newsletter.

Of course, if you curate a newsletter on your own:

Hand selecting your own links, copying them, adding them to a template, etc…

It can still take up a lot of time and still seem like a chore.

What you need is some software that can automatically bring you all of the best content then upload into your template for you.

Then, newsletter automation would truly be a reality.

Newsletterbreeze is a service that can achieve this for you.

It will bring you all of the content about your niche and even highlight all of the best stories. It will also automatically upload the stories that you chose to share directly to your template. Within a matter of minutes, you have your newsletter ready to be emailed to your subscribers.

You’re happy….

Your Subscribers are happy…

Sunday night no longer feel like a chore now does it?

Check out this video that shows you how you can create a newsletter in just a few minutes with NewsletterBreeze.