Newsletter Aggregator

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Some are seemingly born to write.

For the rest of us…

Coming up with enough great content for a weekly newsletter can be very time consuming and mentally draining.

If you are having trouble with pushing out a high quality newsletter each and every week, you might want to consider using a newsletter aggregator to help speed up the process.

What is a newsletter aggregator?

it’s a service that can gather together all of the relevant news that your subscribers might be interested in and then help you add the items that you chose to share directly to your newsletter.

The Advantages:

  • Provide your subscribers with valuable content that they want to know about.
  • Help your customers save time by providing them with valuable information that would take them hours to find themselves.
  • Frees up all that time it takes you to create fresh content, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Increases your reputation in the field since you are providing everyone with the valuable content that they crave.

Doing it yourself:

You can aggregate news on your own by manually going to all the different online sources for news and then searching each one for the best news stories related to your niche. However, finding the best news this way can be very time consuming in itself.

A better way…

A much faster and way more efficient way would be to use software designed specifically to gather together all of the best news related to your newsletter from all of the top sites. These news aggregate services are able to deliver all of the most popular news directly to your account. They will even assist you in uploading it to your newsletter template.

Here is a helpful two minute video that will show how you can use a service like Newsletterbreeze to create newsletter content in just a few minutes!